Hello there!

Thanks for letting me join this awesome community. I am a long time speedrun fan and have only just got into it myself the last year!

Been playin half life since as long as I can remember! Quake and Quake II before that!! I remember watching the first Quake speed run of Quake done quick on my old Compaq, piece of junk home PC! LOL

And now I am here, mainly to get solid info and to show you guys some of my, (sometimes) really clean bhop. I like to float around in IRC so if any of you guys could point me to a channel that would be really cool of you.

Fav runners:

a few more, but meh. They are the coolest I can think of right now.

Fave runs:
HL21 (clearly)
Coolkids SS/No Scripts/Hard (so impressive)
Rofi’s crowbar only
Quad & Rayvex Blueshift
Quad & (small part) CRASHFORT Opposing Force
loads more but lol wont name them all.

My setup is:
Debian Wheezy + VMware Workstation 10.1 + Windows XP SP3.
Nvidia 8600M
standard mouse
standard keyboard.

Game(s) setup:
Half life (numerous versions)
standard movement keys
mwheeldown & space +bhop
mwheelup +dr1 or +duck
E +usespam
TAB +use
(non-scripted speedruns I use mwheeldown & space +jump and up for +duck)

1,2,3,4,5 - Crowbar, Glock, Shotgun, Guass, Grenades
z,x,c,v,b - .45, Crossbow, AR, c4, Tripmines

OpenGL 800x600

various keys for frames and such.

I often use NGHL because it’s easy. Only have the other versions for Blue Shift and Opposing Force. Although I still have a lot of route planning for those maps. I still love v1.0.0.6 and earlier. I play them casually nearly everyday.

Hope you can find my setup useful! It took me a while to tweak the VM and OS to run the games at all versions smoothly. I can handle a computer okayish so if you have any Q’s on installing half life and getting it to work nicely just ask I could be able to help!

Thanks for listening!

Hi and welcome!

Here are all the SourceRuns-related IRC channels I know of:

Server: (irc2 if you’re from EU)


Welcome man.