How would I go about getting a No-Steam version of a game?


I figured I shoudl practice with older, glitchier versions of a game, so, how would I go about doing this?


First probably reasonable to show that you own the game, and aren’t just wanting to pirate it and asking us for that.

If you own it, generally the versions we play on are require Steam and a very particular bunch of files that are a snapshot of the old version. These are only necessary in very particular cases for things, and making a random post, not specifying any game, or any actual reason is just quite suspect.

So nyeh.


Download older versions and play them.


I plan to purchase to VCP soon, so any valve game I want to play, trust me, I’ll have 8)


Buy that first, torrenting is bad and you should feel bad doing it without prior owning the game.


What CooL said.