How to start a new run


Hi guys I’m new to half life speedrunning. I’ve had a fair share of bunnyhopping experience in CSS but this seems like a change that i’ll find fun :slight_smile:

Anyways i’ve downloaded NGHL and I’m not sure how I should start doing a ‘run’
I know I need to learn the routes first but I have a few initial questions:

  1. How do you actually ‘start’ a run? map c1a0?
  2. I want to do the run the legit way (scrolljump) how do I turn off the autohop?
  3. I can’t tell if Bunnymod Pro is enabled or not, I dragged the folder into the Half-Life installation folder and put “C:\Program Files (x86)\Half-Life\hl.exe” -game hlspbunny as my target in the shortcut exe
  4. And is the game set to hard difficulty by default?

Thanks for reading

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  1. Pretty much
  2. bind space +jump
  3. Your Half-Life’s window name should be called “Bunnymod Pro” (you can check it by running Windowed mode). What you did seems to be right and the mod should work.
  4. You can choose to run any difficulty you like. Most runners run SS on easy, though.


Thanks, but how would I set the difficulty if I directly jump into the run using “map c1a0?”

And what’s SS?


You can set or make sure you got “skill 3” in the console. 1, 2, 3 equals easy, medium, hard.

SS is short for Single-Segment.


Currently all scriptless SS runners in Half-Life are running on hard. Majority choice for Opposing Force and Blue Shift is easy though.