How to effectively use LiveSplit


I’m just getting started on speed running HL2 (new engine). I’m all set up with HL2, SourceUnpack, LiveSplit, etc., but I’m confused about the best way to use LiveSplit. I loaded up the splits by Gocnak at, and they get triggered when I’m playing through the game, but I’d rather focus on small segments at a time and see how fast I can get them.

I tried creating some splits at the start of the game, e.g. get through the turnstile, get into the cage, get to “pick up that can”, etc., but when I play through again, they don’t get triggered automatically. Is that supposed to be possible?

Additionally, if I want to work through the whole game with Gocnak’s splits, can I resume a run later with the timer at the correct setting? Or does it all have to be in one go?

Thanks, sorry for the noob questions. Haven’t really managed to find a clear explanation of LiveSplit anywhere.


Hi, welcome! NB You should join the Discord server if you haven’t already, you’ll get quicker answers that way.

You can’t have autosplits in arbitrary places because, if you think of it, how would SourceSplit know what to look for? You can probably do manual splitting within maps and use LiveSplit/SourceSplit just for map transitions, but really you shouldn’t bother because it’ll just be a distraction from running. If you want to compare progress in a more thorough way you could try using Ghosting Mod.

You can’t just stop runs and continue again later if you want to submit to the leaderboards - runs have to be done in real time. However, LiveSplit does have a way to bind a pause key if you’re just doing practice.

I think in your case though you don’t really need to run a timer, as you sound like you’re just trying specific tricks rather than the whole run. There’s no real reason to keep LiveSplit going if you’re still just learning the basic routes.

Hopefully this helped. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike, I’ve joined the Discord and I’ll post there when I need more help.

The splitting makes sense to me now. I’m now just playing around with different tricks, and maybe later I’ll start timing runs.

Thanks for your help!