How to do dam jump on d1_canals_06


Hi! I’m new to SourceRuns and speedrunning in general. For quite sometime I’m training HL2 speedrun.
One of the things that I have problem with is dam jump on d1_canals_06.

Can anyone explain me how to do it in details?
Best regards.


Here’s a video Jukspa made


Sorry to necro the thread a little, but this is relevant to me as well. The video is helpful, since it covers the general idea of what you’re doing, but I feel like there are underlying little details that make or break this trick, like most others in this run.
Does it matter how far back you are when you start? Like if I back the boat up on the rock (so that the rear goes up), would that get more speed, and would it be helpful? Also, should I be turning left just before I hit the rock, so as to add some force to the hit, or only after hitting it, just to aim myself at the dam? Lastly, should I by trying to not steer up until the turning point (aim myself right at that point), so as to maintain all possible speed, or does that not necessarily matter?


More speed is useful, although I’m pretty sure the little runway you have before the rock is enough to get you full speed. Turning after you launch up does essentially nothing. And yes I think you usually want to turn left just before hitting the rock. I have no clue what you mean with the last question.

It’s not a trick someone can just tell you how to do, you’ll have to grind it for hours and hours to figure it out.


Alright, thank you ! The last question meant if I should try to aim myself right at the point at which I turn, so that I only press forward (and gain a tiny bit more speed), or if it doesn’t really matter.

And yeah I know that this one doesn’t have any real secrets/tricks to it, but the information in the video and the little details help a lot.