How does changelevel trigger delay script work


There’s this problem I have with the trigger_changelevel delay script. In quadrazid’s Single Segment speedrun on the Power Up chapter, he did a changelevel delay trick with the script of course. And I noticed that he could do the box boost trick which of course involved the +use and -use.
Also in another changelevel delay video of his, while he was doing the chagelevel delay, he could crouch, attack, use etc.
My problem is the opposite. I can’t attack or use or crouch or do any sorts of movements until the script has ran out.

There is also the problem in the waits. You know, those ‘w2, w3, w4’ scripts. They’re up to 1000 I think… Anyway, the problem is the same as the changelevel delay problem.
Is there something wrong my my Half-Life that it doesn’t work like that or what the hell can it be? :frowning:

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The crouch, use, jump and anything else you see him do in the script is PART of said script.


Okay, that’s really confusing…


As S. said, it is part of the delay script. Here is the script I used in the SS run.


Now I get it