How are we crediting TacticalToastStrike


Yes, he didn’t run actively.

But he also got a segment.
A segment that we decided to publish instead of keep convined within dropbox* though, but it’s still a friggin segment (and what kind of one).

I don’t see why we would put him just in planning and not in the actual list of people who got a segment.

The fact that this list is called ‘runners’, and TTS wasn’t technically a runner is a false argument. There’s plenty of runners who didn’t get a segment, so if we don’t include TTS, we should include Psy, Quad, Coolkid, ShiningFace… followed by a 0 next to their name.
The list is just called ‘runners’ for lack of a better word.

From what I’ve seen, TTS has done more running than planning even.

He got a segment, therefore we should credit him. Not put him in some kind of stupid “special guest” list.
Special guest lists are for xebazs who do ‘segments’ after the timing has already ended.

*We could’ve just given him DB access if he was so good at the segment. That’s what we did with Pruno and look where that got us.

This guy pulls of one of the hardest tricks in the game and we dump him into a motherfucking ‘special guest’ list. (not even that)
Geez, way of rewarding people <_<


He should be in the runners list ofc. Since he only did one segment and didn’t run actively, you could put him last.


If he got the segment, he got the segment. I’d say put him on the runner’s list.


Okay, now I’m curious, whats the hardest trick?


Orb Launch in d3_citadel_04


Oh daayuum, credit him…CREDIT HIM NOW!


Just have to explain my docs comment I made when putting the runners in segment order and adding the amount. I just saw his name in the planning/routing box so I assumed that that was how we would credit him. I couldn’t care less if he’s credited as a runner or not, I just felt it had to be explained why those segment amounts added up to 199 instead of 200.


All is good. Just a misunderstanding. My apologies for the rant.


Why not mention the event in which this happened and the runners name and segment?

Ofc he/she should have credit for nailing the single most hardest trick but it isn’t that hard to twist words to suit that. Don’t be ungrateful for what he did, give him/her the credit he/she deserves, even if it’s meantioned subtly.


TTS got what she deserved and everyone agrees. THere was just some miscommuncation. It happens.