hola, i am leandro and ive interested run left 4 dead 1. i had done a segmented scripted nomercy campaning run (aproximated) 9 minutes. it isnt a perfect speedrun but i have a problem. the auto bunny hop script (sennys bunny hop)you cant duck. so i had to take alternative routes in some maps like hospital02_subway because it isnt the same speed that a bunny hop that u can duck. if i would have this script i could do an aproximated time like pci-gaming left 4 dead 2 nomercy speedrun (cant be the same time because i havent the adredaline shot and the zombies boost). i can upload my speedrun with senny`s bunny hop if u want. if someone can do a script i could really thank u.

thanks for read.


Hello good for see you too!


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