Hltv models


Hi everyone, who know how i can make hltv models like spectator mode?in half lfie 1


Using HLAE, you can do dem_forcehltv 1 and then restart the demo, your model in third person should be showing up now.


Hi, look what they said about this HLAE:
VAC warning: The HLAE tool is technically a hack, therefore you should use it for making movies / watching demos only. Joining VAC protected servers with HLAE will probably get you VAC banned.


I was reffering whnen I play to see weapon models like here

I have jed hl model viewer, and i try to decompile models… but dont worked.
U know what i can do?


Ah, my bad, I completely misunderstood your original question.

Yes, there’s a way to get these models, I know someone who has went through the entire process and might have the models. I’ll try to get it and will drop a link here.


But an tutorial how i can make u can do?
I have my models for weapons and i want to made it HLTV


Here you go.

Sorry for the delay! You can make these by exporting the .QC script files (by decompiling the model) and editing the animation length, if I recall correctly.