HLSP Bunny mod version 4 for Linux


Since the source changes of the HLSP Bunny mod version 4 were included in the zip file that can be downloaded from SDA I thought I’d give it a try and compile it for Linux: https://github.com/darealshinji/halflife/releases

I couldn’t find the source code in the SDK folder that I’ve installed via Steam so I’ve applied the hlspbunny changes to the latest Github version. Everything seems to work for me, though I didn’t check the gauss cannon level transitions yet, but I think that was already fixed on the Github version anyway.


I’m afraid nobody uses hlspbunny anymore. I mean sure, some still do. Hell, I have a friend who still uses Windows Vista.

In case you don’t already know, in recent years all developmental effort for a modern HL speedrunning mod has been devoted towards injection-based mods such as BunnymodXT (google LD_PRELOAD). One of the reasons why injection-based mods are preferred is that the latest SDK code is not necessarily the actual one valve uses to compile their game libraries, as verified by reverse engineering.

A more important reason is that hlspbunny can’t be used in conjunction with certain mods and HL expansions.

If you want to create your own speedrunning mod, make it injection based. It is a good learning experience.

No, it is not fixed. Any run done on hlspbunny which relies on this fix is therefore illegitimate. This is another reason why we stopped using hlspbunny.


Thanks for this. I’m running NGHL in WINE at the moment but I might have to give Bunnymod a go running native.


I know it’s outdated, but I always kinda liked hlspbunny v4.
Appearently I’ve applied MrBozo’s gauss cannon patch: https://github.com/darealshinji/halflife/commit/274d052b9a15fee22139cd69e817dede5eb87689#diff-2da212e41a4ace6e0b32495c83eb3514R3059

I didn’t check BunnymodXT yet. Does it have an autorecord feature?


It doesn’t actually, at least yet.


it doesnt have a auto record, mainly because autorecord is sloppy for segmented runs,
although it does have bxt_record, which if used right before a save load will start record ASAP


Autorecord would be useful for RTA though.


Yeah, RTA is why I was thinking about adding it actually. Just want to figure out a good way.