HLAE black output


I have a question, why when using script auto boost the image becomes black when i’m rendering with hlae

Opposing Force 19:23
Black frames when using boost script

Probably due to r_norefresh 1, not sure how you can fix this though at the moment.


okay But the problem not because r_norefresh 1
and i get this problem when i record Half-Life Opposing Force with hlae when im using m249 autoboost , Half frames black and half normal , and this problem only in HLAE


Does the solution here work for you too?


Yes Thanks , but i have received another problem with hlae steam version won’t launch and no tell any errors


HLAE has dropped support for the latest Steam version of Half-Life, but you can still use it with GoldSrc Package (v1.35) as it has got the last supported build.

Alternatively, if you use Linux, look into hl-capture.


no im using windows , so thanks