HL2DQ Team Interview Request

Hi guys !As I couldn’t find any email adress to write to, I just post this here.Let me introduce myself, I’m Brice “Mangatome” from french community-website Half-Life Expert (so excuse my poor english).I have really enjoy your speedrun video, what a pretty huge work you did… This video made me wondering some questions about the work you’ve done and so on. Then, it would be really great if I could ask you some questions… a kind of interview in other words.Well, what do you guys think of that perspective ? :)Mangatome

Perspective of HL2DQ?Of cource, it is gonna be Episode 1But for now it is HL:Source =)

Well, I’ve guessed that too.But I’ve got many other questions…

Here are somes questions… if you’re willing to answer of course.1) How many time have been spent to make the HL2 speedrun. In terms of trick research, and so on… ?2) Did Valve contact you at any point of the adventure ?3) How have you discovered such impressive tricks ? Accidents ?and a 4th, but i already guess the answer :4) What are your projects for the future ? Will you try do make a speedrun on future source games like SiN episodes and They Hunger : Lost Souls ?

  1. Most of the time, they were accidents yes. Other times however, for example when we specifically wanted to skip a section, we would have a rough idea of what we wanted to do, and would try as many different things as possible trying to get it to work.
  1. I remember there being a pinned topic before that was named something like “Valve Reply: IMPORTANT”. I cant really remember what it said, but it was an email from someone from Valve. I guess a person that did the run could elaborate on this for me. :-P.

1)as far i know, 13 months2)yes, you can see their names in video at credits section

Ok, thanks.So, if I’ve understood, you’re currently doing the HL:S speedrun and you’re gonna try EP1 when it’s out.I’ve also seen you’re wondering if you’ll try the SiN EP1’s speedrun, is that correct ?And, about that mail from valve, was it congratulations ? request ? …Again, thanks for replies… ! (you all leet xD)

There is a bug in hl2, when you watch demo of speedy bunnyhop, your screen jumps up and down at every jump.bandit5k requested valve for fix of this bug, and they replied and provided solution. That was “cl_interp 0.015” console cmd.Also valve said that they very interested in HL2DQ project =)That was last summer or autumn.

Phase 2 was about 13months (Phase 2 was when we did the runs that were going to be used in the movie). But before that there was Phase 1 and during that phase we ran every map and tried to find shortcuts and other things that could speed up the time.As doxliy said, Valve did help us with a problem that was caused by the high speed of the player. We do not know if they have seen the speed-run yet, but I think somebody here did contact them about the movie.As for finding new tricks as such:I were the first one who mentioned “speed-crawling” during Phase 1 (when we used the “old” HL2DQ site, that site went down for some reason). That find was a pure accident: you had to crawl at a part just after you had used sprint, and then I accidentally held in Sprint during the crawl and noticed that I went faster and that the Sprint function was still being used (the trick is: Forward+Sprint+Crawl=Speed-crawling).Other tricks were not accidents; you have to be quite creative to be a good speed-runner. You have to think about what could be possible and be open-minded to find crazy tricks. To create a good speed-run you need high skills and quite strict gameplay (memorizing maps, knowing when and how to do certain tricks etc.) but to find the best route and to find new tricks you also need creativity and you need to be playful as well.Currently a small part of the HL2DQ team is running HL:S and we will most likely make a run of HL2:EP1 when it’s released. There is some talk about running SiN EP1 also but, since that game only uses HL2’s Source engine, the gameplay might be totally different compared to HL2. We will have to try Sin EP1 first, but we will probably start running HL2:EP1 when it’s released.This is the way I see it at least…Also, thank you France for “Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” - as a big movie fan that is one my favourite movies! Viva Le France! :lol: (I do actually like France, though I never once been there…)Hope this info helps :slight_smile:

For the tricks: ladder jumping and stuck jump, it was an accident really. Espically stuck jump. I’ve still got the save file of it…

What an instructive post ! ;)Thanks to every members for you answers, I think a good interview/story could be made.DaleLewill, haha, that’s extraordinary that you mention that movie since my history/geography teacher told us that if you actually said “French movie” every one in the earth would say “Amélie Poulain!”. Well, I’ve never seen that movie… I believe I should :wink: But, we also have “Les Choristes” et “La marche de l’empereur” (march of the penguins).Well, I’ll see what story I can write with all this, thanks again.PS : ah, yes, I was thinking that it could be usefull to make some mini-videos of the speedrun, with sneak-peeks, for all that haven’t discoverd yet HL2DQ. One for Highway 17, one for the second part of Point insertion, and so on. What do you think about that ? :slight_smile:

Another questions came to my mind :o I’ve seen you use a “phases” system. What does that coressponds to, and implicitely, how do you work to make a speedrun video? This questions causes another one : What is Phase 1.And, I wonder how the idea of a HL2 speedrun demo came to you? Were you bored ? :wink: “Merci”, as we say in our country :wink:

Oooops, had’nt seen that "But before that there was Phase 1 and during that phase we ran every map and tried to find shortcuts and other things that could speed up the time."Sorry for the flood… :frowning:

lol np. Phase one was basically just testing to find the quickest way for each map, phase 2 was just doing it one loooong run.lol @ Dale’s essay :rolleyes:

P1 is the best. I remember when I first found this out. I was amazed. Lots of my coast was exactly the same, except I was unaware of bhoping (n00b :P)

This “discovery phase” seem pretty exciting, huh? Is there a third phase ?

Phase3 = creating final video and giving it to everyone, it is finished too =)

Ok. Now I’m going to try writing a pseudo-interview with all that stuff.Thanks, and i’ll post it in english for corrections before translating it.

Ok, here it is.Feel free to tell me any mistake. And, if you see english grammar mistakes, please report it also (since my english level is low).http://www.cybisoft.net/download/misc/hl2dq_temp.html(it’s not going public before translating, by the way)i’ve also added three tricks explanations from your speedrun text (on SDA).Reviews, anyone ? :slight_smile: