HL2DM v1.0.0.7 backup


I’ve been noticed that after latest HL2:Deathmatch update (which now is, demos recorded with previous version ( doesn’t play. As valve’s totally move =).A HL2DM player, -=]KMA[=- GaTmAn, gave me some “old” demos so I could make backup of version.So, here it is:http://files.filefront.com/hl2dm1007backup…;/fileinfo.html (~1mb)Archive contains readme, which describes how to install/use it.


I’m just having problems bringing Console up, running the backup through start_hl2mp.cmd, my -console launch command and cfg seem to not be working on it, is there a command line i can add somewhere in those files u zipped up to enable console at start up?Thnx 4 putting in time and effort on this!P3ac3


Cool, lets hope this works =)



Okay got it working, after a long hustle…I noticed though, that on those demos, in the right corner, where it usually says who got fragged and by what weapon, is gone? How do i display that once again?


Hey all… I’ve been desperately trying to get my really old demo’s. I have a lot of clan match demos from early 2005… Aswell as some 1v1’s and grav jumping tricks etc…Pincus released a really nice UI but only goes back so far and plays “old old”… I need “old old old” if you get me. I tried 2 of Doxily’s old releases.With hl2v7b2455backup I get this error;http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5011/errormk3.jpgwith hl2dm1007backup I get this error;http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/6602/hl…07backupac1.jpgI thought these launchers would be my best bet currently to get really old demo’s working… But i’ve not had any joy. Not sure if the problem is because of the current version not being compatible with these or not… If anyone has any ideas that would be really appreciated :)Cheers[1]OnYx


I’ve got a rar which works with old demos. Just extract and edit a file. It is a modified Doxily release. I think it still works.