HL2DM tricks


watch this movie…has some cool tricks (besides the frags part). especially around minute 9it shows how you can stuck an orb into the ground with the gravity gun and jump on it… this throws you madly into the air… etc.http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=979924


DM has different physics afaik, Im going to watch ite anyway


yea I saw it in the other day.isn’t it actually around 5 minute? if so, I think stucking an orb and the huge jump are two different things. and I already know of seasaw jump.http://www.phenylshouse.com/modules.php?na…21&type=url#getthis was the first vid I’ve ever seen that trick. it was released in Dec 2004 :stuck_out_tongue: I think he (Josh) should be credited since we use orb jump (its method is a bit different though) for some maps and the idea came from that vid.


Netrex… Indeed, phys in pro are different. For example, you can objects stuck inside you, with cl_cmdrate to something high, ie 101 it will lag up and it will continue to push you outside the object, because it still thinks you are in there. You can get some MASSIVE high and speed.As for the orb jump, im not sure who Josh is, but I guess it is all his since he documented it the earliest. My method is uding one object and a gab. Much easier to set up, but I see so many people using 2 objects in servers… You can also do it with one object and no bump, just depends on the object.Ill be making a frag video (fuck if I know when, I am addicted to HL2: DM Pro. ) Give me a year :stuck_out_tongue: