HL2 Speedrun Training map pack


This ZIP/RAR file contains a few maps where you can practice tricks and glitches mostly used in the speedruns that have been done in the Source Engine.

Available maps:
practice_abh.bsp (for accelerated back hopping, containing enough room to reach the maximum velocity)
practice_wallclimbing.bsp (spawns you with a prop to climb onto the wall {the dev textured wall that says "wall 128x128})
practice_flying.bsp (containing a pit in the middle and a lot of crates in case of failing using the first crate)

Download [ZIP] (normal compression)

{method: best}
{dictionary size: 32 kb)

Download [RAR] (better compression)

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{dictionary size: 4096 kb}

Download [RAR5] (super compression)

{method: best}
{dictionary size: 1024 mb}

I might add more practice maps, but here’s what I have so far, also I would have figure out what things need to be required to do other tricks.


what about oe


Which one do you mean? What is “oe?”


Old Engine.


Yeah some maps for old engine would be pretty neat.


Maps that exploit game glitches such as grenade boosting, flying, etc actually sound like a lot of fun. With the little knowledge I have of hammer, I might try to make a few in the style of bhop or kz maps.


oh. is the old engine outdated for this map pack?


ive never seen the old source engine, but i would assume it has the old glitches on it before it got patched or whatever.
i actually tried to NPC-teleport barney in the point insertion map one time, but the game forced the prop i held to let go of it when i put it in front of him or on his head.


The HL2 Done Quicker run that was recently released was made on the old engine of HL2. Also NPC teleporting works everywhere, you just have to do it more carefully on newer engines.


I just got into workin the flying skills on OE recently. I’d definitely use practice maps if there were any available for it!