HL2 Speedrun on latest engine?


Is that possible? I mean I know Prop-flying is broken, but what about ABH & ASH? Does anyone know? I mean I know the teleporting glitch can still be done. It’s just 10x harder. So, If it is still possible to get a half-descent run. Why not?


You mean like DWaHMoV? That uses the current-ish version of the OB engine


Steampipe is the same version DWaHMoV was ran on, except with minor sequence fixes. Everything else that was used in DWaHMoV is still possible.


Okay, I don’t know if you’re a troll, or really unintelligent, but you keep posting really stupid things here. Please stop.


My first post was me being silly. This one was me asking a honest question.
I though you guys had used the orangebox engine. Thanks for the others clearing that up for me.


The wiki/HL2DWaHMoV is the only place where I could find info about the version. No info about it in main topics or videos, nor links to said wiki. I’d say thats pretty weak information. Especially for HL2 considering its huge differences depending on version. Unless you know all these changes it would be impossible to tell which version that was used.


I’m pretty sure this was mentioned in the Audio Commentary.


Implying that everyone listened to all the commentary


I listened to ALL of it. :slight_smile:


Isn’t answering not in-depth questions like that one the purpose we made it?


Of course it is, but that doesn’t change the fact that only 3.54% of people listened to it, so only those people would know it was on the newer engine.