HL2 SP-OE Plugin


Since i installed the Half-life 2 oldengine mod i wanted to make a speedrun and i finded out there is a plugin that make’s that sp-oe I installed it correctly all fine But when im in the game Nothing is happening really The plugin is fully loaded say’s the console but when i hold “SPACE” He’s not Autojumping or when i make “Spam use” what is on X seems so he is crouching i don’t know what causes that and i checked F3.

Can someone help me?


you need to type the command “y_spt_autojump 1” to activate autojumping, also what do you mean you “checked F3”, F3 doesn’t do anything in half-life 2


In the readme from the plugin there is standing to activate it or deactivate F3


Also can u say me what the activate command is for Usespam?


Ask us in our Discord so we can go into more detail. https://discord.gg/sourceruns