HL2: Single Segment?


Sorry to be a bit offtopic, but what do you guys think about a SS run? Is it even possible? Well, I know it is possible to run the game without dying, but I think a lot of things would have to be taken out or done easier/slower to be safe and consistant. Even small little timesavers, if not done correctly, will end up costing more time to run back and try again or take a different route than it would to just go a normal route. Then factor in the somewhat random factor of flying in certain areas, which would make that dangerous. The games physics seem random to me at times. Then there is high-fire areas that are tough on Hard, like a few of the prison stages, c17, the museum place (don’t remember the name), etc.I doubt I would try a serious run because I know there are better runners out there that would kill my time and I’d waste time even trying, just getting an opinion.


That would be cool, but your right about the dying part. You would need to practice the harder levels a lot and perfect them so you wont die.


It’s possible, but in my opinion it would be ugly and not worth watching. The game is too long, complicated and random to take any chances, so it would be almost a fast walkthrough of the game with maybe a few “small” risks taken here and there.


Yup, SS runs don’t take many risks. So its no fun to watch. Might as well watch somebody just play the game in one sitting for the second time.


But what if someone did many risks in one segment, then it would be amazing. I’d imagine you wouldn’t just go through a few times, but probably 30+ runthroughs to get a really nice run down.


If you mean the easy risks, it would only be somewhat entertaining. If you mean some of the hard risks, then it would take WAAY more than just 30 tries to get right. Some segments alone took hundreds of tries. Not to mention the fact that piling risks on top of each other increases the odds of failing exponentially. Take for example a risk that takes, on average, 1/10 tries to get right. Add another 1/10 try after it, and the odds of hitting BOTH tricks in one try is something like 1/100?Finally, factor in HL2 randomness and complexity and I guarantee you’ll find yourself chopping off most if not all of the impressive tricks.


I’m still skeptical. I’ve tried nursing my way through the game without dying and I still die. There are just way too many things that can go wrong in this game. I’m sure a single segment run would be possible, but I highly doubt anyone could make one that is worthwhile speedrun wise. I would be impressed if someone played through start to finish without dying, no matter how long it took. But I wouldn’t ask it of someone to attempt a speedrun SS because I’m pretty sure they would end up destroying something out of frustration.Imagine falling off a random walkway in the citadel at the end, after all that work…


hahahaha. that would be hilarious to watch, as long as it wasnt me!


The passage where you have to destroy two flying ships, juste before Nova Prospekt, is way too hard and I doubt anyone can pass it on the first try without dying, + if one is trying to do it quick.And there are many other passages that are so hard…


What if it was on easy or normal skill?


Beating HL2 single segment on Hard is quite possible, but it wouldn’t be very speedy.


I rather watch a godmode + impulse 101 run than a single segment :slight_smile:

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