HL2 Old engine question


Hello, sorry if this question has been covered, but I could not find an answer on the wiki.

I was recently watching hl2dq. this thread has nothing to do with the cheating, but with a certain gun used. If you go to 1:29:30 on the video, the runner uses an odd weapon. What is this weapon, and where in the game can I get it?




That’s Alyx’s automatic pistol which they pick up at 1:22:45. Alyx isn’t normally supposed to come to that map so her dying doesn’t end the game, but upon dying she drops her pistol which can be picked up. It looks a bit weird since the gun wasn’t intended to be used so it doesn’t have a proper first person model.

E: Alyx should spawn on the map if you just complete the map before fast enough. You can also kill Alyx using the gunships instead of the turret.