hl2: lost coast

i was playing lost coast to try my first ever speedrun (starting small) and i found a glitch at the start that lets gordon “jump out” of the hev suit.i tried to attach a demo of it (173kb) but when i posted the new topic it said that the file was to big so i dont know why cause it said the maximum sise is 500k if someone can help i will post the demo.

I have never attached a file by using the forums attachment-system but if you can’t get it working you can use another upload service like these:http://rapidshare.de (click on Browse, select the file and it should be done soon. Easy and fast)http://www.yousendit.comThis one we use for the most part, but the bad thing is that people can only download the file 10times. If you think that 10 downloads is enough then use this one.Simply put your own e-mail address in this field: “Recipient email address(es)” then go to step 2 and select the file and press “send it” - soon you will be sent the download link.RapidShare.de is easier probably…Also his name is Gordon :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry bout the name so here it is.

haha, pretty cool demo actually - I don’t remember seeing that when we did a speed-run of Lost Coast (yes we have done speed-runs on Lost Coast as well). At least I don’t think I’ve seen it before, it was a while ago when I played Lost Coast…none the less: Good find! :smiley: (unfortunetly you still die if you are shot so it doesn’t make you invincible <_< )Good start NoDeath :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for that. but do you have video or demos of yr lost coast run. so far i fly over the gate then bhop up the cliff but i havent ever done much bhopping before (i tryed a little when i first learned about it) so with autohotkey i keep falling of the cliff :frowning: without bhopping its a quick run up then when i get up the to just fly over the gate, kill the gunship and jump in the trolley and ride down :stuck_out_tongue:

http://own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=6457Watch that video to see the current (or at least close to current) record for Lost Coast. Right now they fly to the top, but it’s probably much faster to find a way to launch up there. Seeing as how it’s HL2, there’s got to be a way.

haha :lol: i see. no need to do anything just fly up and land <_<

hmm… you have a HL2 Speedrun videoyou have a HL2 Tricks videoyou have soon a HL1 videoyou have a HL2 Episode 1 videoso why you dont do a cool lost coast video,i think this is not a big thing,but people will be amazed if this is THE Site for HL2 Speed Videos!think about ist

editsonn a hl2 ep1 video i hope :wink:

Because, there is nothing special about loast coast anymore. Many of us did demos, but they are all the same thing… Fly up, jump down.

Somebody should redo it with an orbjump or something, would be much faster and better looking :slight_smile:

i did it “the normal way” i bhop over the stones then gravityjump over the gate, bhop up the stairs, flying up, some running, bhops later into the church, running outside… that were pretty much some minutes :wink: