HL2: Episode One speed running enthusiasm survey


I just wanted to make a poll, since there has not been any. It will also show how (in)active the board is nowadays. :slight_smile:


I have Episode One, but I can’t play it…


I’ve played much when phase2 of hl2dq was in progress, but never posted my demos since I couldn’t beat suga or maximus-x =).If phase1/2 of hl2ep1 will begin again I will compete or try in any way.


I’ve yet to get a proper version. The one I had didn’t record demos. And yes, I do want to speed run it.


godspeed folks


I’m glad to see there is still interest in EP1.Mininova has tracked 798 downloads of the Phase 1 video so far and Google Video has currently served it 1,114 times (with an average rating of five stars), just to tell you the statistics if you haven’t checked them out.


Yeah. Once i’ve got the new version, I will try and familiarise myself with the game, again…


It’s been a while since anybody posted, again… Is everybody still on holidays?