HL2: Ep 1


Here’s my “No Spoiler” review of HL2: Episode 1:-A soundtrack to rival those of Valve’s other two games.-High quality model for Alyx Vance.-Engine optimizations (higher settings with the same hardware).-“Zombine”, Combine Zombies.-Alyx’s lines, such as “Oh snap!”, are awesome.-I hate poison headcrabs. With a passion.-Do a second run through with the commentary on.One unfortunate fact for those on this project though: flying has effectively been “nerfed.” You can no longer hold an object directly under you, so therefore you cannot fly anymore. I tried.


My dl is 65% done, it will be finished in 24 hours. I wish I wasn’t capped! :frowning:


There are no any chances to dl episode1 via steam for me, so I wait for retail package =)


I am not buying it. I don’t have a credit card. I MIGHT buy it when it comes retail…I am downloading the PROViSiON release :slight_smile:



PROViSiON release is ok. first level’s HUD was a little messed up, and then the game unexpectedly quit right at the end, so I watched the end part off of Google Video. Seems like everyone’s having a different experience with it… but mines ok for now.This game was AWESOME. Definitely play it if you even remotely liked HL2. It is short, but it takes a while to play through it. Valve’s estimate of 4 to 6 hours is correct.cant wait for the HL2DQ run of this :slight_smile:


Buy the damn thing. If the hl2dq team keeps up this level of endorsing piracy, particularly of such great stuff from such a great publisher, you can guarantee this project will cease to be supported by a large segment of the community not to mention valve themselves.


Episode 1 was VERY impressive for me. I found that with the engine optomization I could play fine with HDR, as with Lost Coast I couldnt.I’m doing another run with commentary now. Buy it, buy it, buy it! Its definately a must buy.


I was disappointed with it to be honest. Will never live up to HL2.


Lots of people are dissapointed with it because of the shortness of it. They said it would be short and its only one chapter, $20.How can you be dissapointed with the gameplay though? In my opinion it was great.


Gameplay was bad in my opinion. I like a little faster pace at times, and I hate dragging Alyx around :frowning:


it was far better than I expected and it was certainly worth $20.00 imo :slight_smile: I thin they did quite well focusing on Alyx. commentary was also fun.but yeah, I hope ep2 will be faster paced than this.


I picked it up at Circuit City today. It’s on sale for $7.99 all week :stuck_out_tongue: Supplies limited though.