HL2:E1 when it comes out


I have some questions for when this comes out.1. Is the plan to start messing around and speedrun right away or will there be time (like a week) for everyone to beat it first?2. Will it be divided into three phases again?3. Maybe it would be a good idea to add a forum under general to prevent clutter in the general forum. This would also allow for pinning other topics without getting confused whether they are HL2 or E1. Such as phase # times.4. Are there plans for an E1 done tricked video?5. AHK is still in?6. Is it too early to be asking these questions/are they pointless?


I will beat the game first to get my moneys worth. It sucks if you don’t get to enjoy it first. Shouldn’t take more than a day, but I work all day on Thursday when it comes out so I will beat it on Friday. I hear it’s pretty short. Then I’ll pick it apart behind everyone else.


I heard you’ll be with Alyx most of the time, and it doesn’t sound speedrun friendly to me. and seeing those cheesy teasers, I smell a flop this time :frowning: anyway, like Chomp said I’ll first play the game for normal and see if it’s speedrun worthy. after that, I’ll decide either I’m gonna just help finding tricks and stuff, or run seriously like I did on hl2dq.as for questions:1. we can start phase one right away I think.2. phase system was what made hl2dq good. I miss those phase 1 days :stuck_out_tongue: but if the game is too short, I think it’s no problem to go straght to p2.3. yeah new ep1 section would be nice.4. I think there’s no new weapons, right? then maybe it’s hard to find a new trick and make something different from hl2trickvid.5. don’t know. depends on if they fixed flying or not maybe?


I agree with both of you there. I will not get “into it” until I have finished it once.


Just a few hours to go B) . Be prepared :wink: .


Over a day. :)I wonder if Steam will be inaccessible for a couple of weeks again due to newly released new content.


Hopefuly it won’t take 6 Hours to decrypt like HL2 did… That would piss me off to no end.


I hope the release groups are quick with this one. I don’t have a credit card, and even if I did I woudn’t be able to aford it.



Cool. The game will be release at 4am my time, so by the time I download it, it will be saturday morning :)I am capped, so I can only download during off-peak (midnight till 8am)hugs bittorrent


A bit more than two hours to go…EDIT: I guess it is released now.


Is it me or has flying been disable/fixed/taken out? I can’t seem to fly. No matter what I do… I still have another 50% of the game to play. But I’ll leave that to tomorrow…


Yeah, I’m having no luck flying on anything either.


Gravity gun jumping seems to be gone too. However, right at the beginning, before you get into the van that Dog tosses, there are rocks there that I can GG jump fairly well on. But everything else in the game doesn’t work. Like flat steel that would used to be ideal for it. MANY objects don’t even have “matter” anymore, you just walk through it or can’t stand on it.There is also a method of wallclimbing that still works, but it’s extremely inconsistent. Put an object next to a wall that you can stand on (again, some you can’t anymore…). Suck it up with the gravity gun, hold down AHK if you still use it, and keep pressing duck and secondary on the GG. It will give you small boosts and sometimes forces you off the object, but it works sometimes. I can’t get extremely high, but higher than you can jump for sure. But what sucks is they put walls up where they knew we’d get over. I seriously think we delayed the release of this game with HL2:DQ because they have to put up new clipbrushes everywhere :lol:


Sounds interesting…


sounds not v good for speedrunning. Please keep tricks and routes for maps to yourself until everyone has played it as well.


Yeah, that would be great. Could nobody give out routes or anything until next week? By then we would all have many ideas, and nobody will spoil it for anybody else :slight_smile:


Yeah, Alxy following you around all the time (by the looks) would piss me off. Crap NPC code. “Let me get out of your way Mr. Freeman” traps Mr. Freeman into cornerGrr!


Let me just say, HL2:E1 is the single greatest game ever made – really, truly awesome.I was a long-time lurker to the old HL2DQ project, but I’d be interested in having a go at running E1 if you guys decide against allowing/using AHK. Who knows how DQ’able it is though? Can anyone post the code for showing clipbrushes/triggers for us uninitiated to look around in-game?Regards-