HL2 DWaHMoV Teaser Discussion


Alright, so we’re not far off from Coast now, which means the teaser is something we need to start thinking about. Do we have a format we’re expecting to follow, where we have a 4-5 second clip from each runner, or are we just going to show a couple of full maps? We need to also discuss music selection and who is going to edit it, and how it’s going to be edited.

Personally, for music, I think we should use one of the songs from HL2, like the one that starts in 031 when we leave the tunnel and encounter the helicopter.

As for editing, I’m in favor of each runner selecting a short (4-5 second) clip of their favorite moment from the run that they have done. We could play them in order that the clips appear in the game, or we can just play them in order from the runner with the most segments to the least segments, or even alphabetically (save the best for last, with my name, haha).

And I’ve no clue who should edit. I have no experience with stuff like this, but I know Darwin does, and I think exec was supposed to be helping with final encodes so this might be something he’d want to do also.

Anyways, post your thoughts, let’s get this all figured out. HL2DWaHMoV best run of 2013!


I know a run that could be a decent challenger.



Phase one route videos on youtube are nice. Will you also use them in the teaser ?


hl2dq used just random clips that weren’t in the run. (I remember random ggun punts in Ravenholm (town_03 of all maps), even though that whole section is cinderblock’d.

We should combine awesome tricks (a la trick and outtakes video, the folder is full of them), with maybe a few snapshots from the run itself. There’s plenty of route videos as well, I say we all make that shit public if it’s not. (I have a bunch of hl2dq comparisons on my account.) Alternatively we could also do some ‘failed’ segment attempts (think DE’s 016 ABH) in order to keep it different from the actual run.

To avoid copyright shit, HL2 soundtrack sounds best to me.

(Btw, Gocnak and I agreed upon releasing this as soon as coast_07 is done, long ago, back in may 2012.)


imo using tricks from outtakes and bloopers and whatnot detracts from the point of a trailer. When was the last time you saw a movie trailer full of footage they didn’t put in the final film?


Not too long ago actually :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeha you’re right.


This is a Teaser, not a trailer, so I guess we can use few tricks.


Good point exec


I’m gonna take some thirdperson shots for my teaser. Showing off a few new tricks from some peculiar angles. But it might be hard in HL2 since there is no model?


First off, why would we have to copy the concept of your thirdperson teaser?
Firstperson works fine in hl2, especially with slow-mo magic :slight_smile:


You don’t have to do anything. I’m just throwing in ideas.


I think that I agree with exec’s point in that we need to put some tricks / outtakes in the video (and a little bit of the actual run, but choose things carefully to not spoil too much).