HL2 Dawn Mod in 10 minutes


I intended for it to be a single segment, but it ended up being segmented, just because some things were a bit too difficult to do in one go without messing up.

Made in 2 days.


DUDE, how the hell did you manage to remove all the jitter shit when you jump?

Me and z1mb0bw4y were working on a run of this mod a while back, but we stopped because we just couldn’t find a way to remove all the demo artifacts…


I don’t use demos, it’s as simple as that. I turn on Nvidia ShadowPlay while I do some segments for a few hours, take note of the fastest segment, cut it out and edit the segments together. I find it easier.
Sometimes I record a demo of a segment, bind a key to start and stop the segment and record it with DxTory, I don’t like doing that much either.


Meh… That wasn’t a satisfying answer. :frowning:




You can get rid of some demo artifacts on steampipe if you set demo_legacy_rollback to 0(or 1, whichever isn’t default, not completely sure). Not sure if that works on other versions but I guess it’s worth a try.


Hah, I actually did think about this way of capturing segments for Portal to fix the portal transitions before I knew how to fix them from demos. But ShadowPlay wasn’t a thing (and still isn’t a thing for me) and I thought that Frapsing would make the drive full quickly. Also lag spikes can happen always and when working with demos I can be certain that no lag spikes can kill the best segment.


The problem is that the mod is on some old build of Source, not Steampipe. I don’t remember the exact numbers but I’ll look into it once I get home.

However I haven’t ever heard of that command before, so with some extreme luck it might just work.


Fraps is pretty shit. it’s overly CPU intensive, outputs enormous file sizes, locks your game’s framerate to the capture framerate and splits larger files into parts, terrible for speed running.


While I agree with you that speedrunning and recording with Fraps will shorten your life expectancy, it’s not as bad as people usually think.

The locked framerate can be disabled in Fraps so instead of being locked to the recording FPS, it gets locked to multiples of said framerate, which means if you’re recording at 30FPS and you get 140FPS stable on the game, you’ll get locked at 120FPS, which is pretty good in my book. Also the 4GB splitting can be disabled, too.

My settings so you can see what I’m talking about:

Some say that you can circumvent the lag spike issues by setting movie file output to a different hard-drive that is not the same one where you’re running the game from. I sadly can’t verify this but you could try.


Have you tried running it as a mod on the Old Engine instead of Steam? That should work. I’ve experienced this jitterness when running OE mods on Steam, too.

EDIT: Can confirm that setting the fraps folder on a different HDD does help you to reduce lag spikes.


That sounds like it could work exec. But I’m afraid that if I try running the mod on the old engine somehow, the saves and/or demos for all our segments we have so far will be useless… Do you know if that’s the case perhaps?

And if it’s still relevant, yes, I can confirm the Fraps HDD thing as well.


Hmm, as far as I know, New Engine saves don’t work when you try to load them in Old Engine, but I think Steam uses Source SDK Base 2006 or something to run that mod, so there’s a chance of them working properly.


I haven’t used Fraps in a while, I didn’t know those options existed now. I still wouldn’t pay $37 for it, I paid $40 for dxtory and I can actually change the codec and bitrate of the output files. H.264 is my favorite :3