hl2 100% run?


anyone working on a 100% hl2 run?is it even possible to get 100% haha.


At least it’s not possible to get 100% kills becase, for example, Antlions keep respawning infinitely. Well… they only spawn when you’re in certain areas and stop spawning when you’re in some other areas, so maybe it’d be possible to kill them all. However, it’s certainly impossible to kill the enemies in the beginning with no weapons. Also, it’s not possible to collect all ammo from ammo boxes. :rolleyes:Seeing how long it took to run the game “normally”, I don’t see a serious (near) 100% run being completed anytime soon. Honestly, I don’t think anyone is even working on one.



i woudl be up for playing the game without using the hl2dq glitches like using the normal paths and see the best time

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