HL1 - Xaerox Speedrun - 1:11



Done in 14 segments in one night.

I’ve never done a full GoldSrc run before, but I like to Bhop around when I’m bored so I made this horrid unoptimized mess :stuck_out_tongue:


Not bad for a first.

A tip, you could skip the shotgun by saving and loading several times to reset the slaves’ charging attacks, meaning you’d be able to get through those first few hallways unharmed.


I didn’t know that was possible, but I guess it makes sense since the death animations of the Vortigaunts would reset every time I loaded a save. I think the map required me to kill all the enemies in the area before progressing, because I couldn’t open some doors if I skipped just one Vortigaunt, maybe it was a bug.


Done in 8 segments in 1 afternoon
git shreked bitrain


Well. That was the shortest time holding a world record ever. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not quite, even for a source speedrun.


I’m so shrekd right now.



This is done on unmodded Steam in 32 segments and is meant to be a demonstration of quickgauss. If you don’t know what quickgauss is, it is a technique of firing gauss at maximum damage and boost while consuming only 1 cell and 0.5s. This TAS also used gauss rapid fire which was previously demonstrated by HL21.


H264 at high VBR. The quality seems to degrade noticeably on YouTube, but that’s just YouTube.


that quality @ 480p … thanks for 720p60fps, looks way better and watchable :wink: