HL-Engine: Edgebug

Hi,I m a well-known jumper of kz_maps (kreedz climbing maps) for Counter-Strike.I m not sure if you guys already know the bug i wanna present you.We kz-jumpers call it “Edgebug”. It allows you to jump down from a very high place to a lower level without loosing any HPs. It’s a bug in the HL-Engine and although we are only using this in our kreedz-record-runs it should be definately possible in HL also. Maybe this trick could help to save some time in a HL Speedrun. We created a little video which explains the bug and shows how to do it:http://files.xtreme-jumps.net/movies/edgebugguide.rarIts very hard to do the bug “planned” often it’s only luck.I hope this helps to save some time in upcoming HL1-engine-based-games speedruns :)Btw, how are you guys doing bhops?(Most of the “kz-pr0s” are using “+jump” bound to MHWEELUP/DOWN.)

Bunnyhops are dont using an autohotkey script. You hold down left Alt and it keeps pressing jump every 30ms or so. I could never bhop with a mousewheel :o

He’s talking about the original half life, happyface.The no-damage thing I’m pretty sure is known, there’s a big thread of HL tricks in the SDA forums and I remember talk about it. Could be wrong though.In either case, this is mainly a HL2 or other Source related forum, although a few people here (RandomEngy for example) have made runs for HL1. Spider-Waffle is doing a <35 minute run currently, not sure when he’ll finish that.Check these two threads if you’re interested in HL1 runs:http://speeddemosarchive.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?..;num=1118551288http://speeddemosarchive.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?..;num=1134018730

The filesize of that vid is unnecessarily large for just over a minute long.

Nice video, though a bit short. But I always enjoy a trick video :slight_smile:

Hey, if this worked for Source engine, it would be quite useful, especially on the current HL:S Map we are on, c1a0a. We wouldnt even have to use the ladder at all. Just land on the edge. :-D.

Uh oh, the bots are back :frowning: