HL² comics


I’ll post here the best and biggest HL2 comics project.It follows vaguely the story of the game, but this time you are a clumsy nobody called Gordon Frohman. you should watch the strips in order… some of them are very, very funny, some of them are weird, still funny. enjoy! :smiley:http://www.hlcomic.com/archive/(sorry if this is old news… also you could post other/newer HL2 related comics for everyone to enjoy)


Hahaha, good stuff. :smiley:


Really nice stuff. I read the first 80 :wink:


I’v been reading them since day 1 :slight_smile:www.phwcomics.com is a great site full of many collections also<3 hl2 comics


I liked this comic very much, but I can’t understand some things =).English is not my native language.Can you tell me what this phrase means:‘Frohman gots to get his freak on!’ (#013)What is ‘T.G.I. Firday’s’ ? (#009)And what is Archvile ? (#012, i think it is a doom3 monster)Thanks


“Get his freak on”, Uhm, I think it can mean a lot of things according to the situation. In this situation is means sex, or rather the need to get it.TGIF = Thank God Its Friday. Just a way to express that the weekend is close. At this situation I think frohman wants a pub.Archvile:


Big thanks =)


I’m only putting this here because I didn’t feel like making a new topic. And it is an animation of sorts. hl2dq.justgotowned.com


omg That ‘you got owned’ was very scary =)By the way, I’m lost in translation again, can someone explain what it phrase means: ‘dibs on the top hat!’ which at #075 of Concerned comics ? Is it term from Monopoly game or something else ?


Yes the top hat was one of the player pieces in Monopoly. There was also a car, thimble, dog and I think one or two others.


Physics exploiting in hlcomic.http://hlcomic.com/index.php?date=2006-04-05


Nah, not physics exploiting, it’s just a joke about him nailing a piece of wood to his feet so he can WALK on the sand.Unless you were kidding.


I were not kidding.