Hiya all!


Hello! I’m Kyoka. I am 17 currently and from England. After watching SGDQ I got really into the idea of running portal. For the past week or so, I’ve just been head down playing the hell out of it pretty much! I love everything Source, played -a lot- of CSS, Gmod, L4D etc etc. Source games are really the only ones I play. I also love the Half-Life games, one of if not my favourite games ever. I’d known about this forum for a bit but never thought of making an account until just earlier as I was reading a thread.

I’m also streaming some of my portal runs on Twitch and it’s been very fun talking to some people who decide to come in and talk, and also give me tips and suggestions! From what I’ve experienced, people are being very friendly and I feel very warmly welcomed to the people I have talked to.

My Portal inbound runs are going quite well I think~ I can every day see myself improve loads. Just yesterday my PB was like 21 minutes, just earlier when I was streaming I got 17:45! Ofcourse this wouldn’t have been possible for all the extremely helpful tutorials out there such as Blizik’s tutorial and Noir Cat’s (<3 you) save glitch tutorials, along with all the other extremely helpful things out there and on this forum! Also Yalter for helping me with source unpack when the one on the wiki didn’t work. They all helped so much~!

Anyway, so yeah, hello everyone ^^


Welcome to SourceRuns. What’s your twitch/youtube?


Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay.


Is my twitch. I probably should’ve included it in my post lol~


Howdy! o/


Hello Kyoka and welcome