So whats everyones view on the new HitBox/The uprising of HitBox?


I tried it out this morning, out of guessing I’d say the delay was 2-3 seconds at the most. It was such a breath of fresh air to be able to interact with people live.

For a beta, the layout is decent too. I love that you can create a team regardless of whether you’re a partner or not also.

I’m going to see how things turn out, I thought I would alternate between the two (Twitch and hitbox) for a while but people seem to be making the switch faster than I expected. Right now it’s looking like I’ll be staying on hitbox permanently, but who knows what could happen.


Yea it’s a rough transition but lets hope in the end a lot of our viewers manage their way to hitbox.tv


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cFaqsh4C02KWhYtwObOD91gjcdE4Bx4SryiLMRih4YU/htmlview?sle=true#gid=1274975504 spreadsheet of people who moved

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iwKYrQCON5omAgObcTe1Y81GPGsNLOtq7Iy4YtJg84Y/viewform?edit_requested=true# submit yourself

and finally


I decided to stick to gaminglive for some time even though some stuff is not complete there yet. When I accidentally opened my own stream when testing it, the delay was so short (less than a second) that I initially though that my mic started echoing for some reason.