Him I'm SeanMcQ


hello, my name is Sean, although my Steam name is Shiva, God of Death and my youtube name is TC209. I speedrun portal inbounds and oob, and i also speedrun super mario 64 and Antichamber. I’m interested in speedrunning portal 2 and portal: prelude if i find the time. I hope to become a staple in the sourceruns community :smiley:
My Steam
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Welcome! What’s your Portal PB?


My current PB for inbounds is 17:07 and I’m working on making advanced strats more consistent. my oob pb is 11:39, although my goal is to reach sub 10. I don’t have either recorded though, because it lags my game. Im working to record them and upload them to youtube


Why don’t you record demos?

they give you a faster time Kappa


this is going to sound stupid, but im not a big fan of recording demos. I don’t know why xD


Me neither, they’re annoying as hell. :smiley:


Welcome! I hope if you like Portal Prelude that you will watch our segmented inbounds run of it! https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=2553.msg18312






Guys, this isn’t skype… Please don’t chain post “^” when you agree with something, it adds nothing to the topic and is regarded as spam, I just had to remove 4-5 post with nothing but “^” in them.

Anyway, welcome to the forums SeanMcQ!


That explains my RSS feed…
I noticed actually that all the spam SourceRuns has been getting lately, although it gets deleted very quickly, remains in the RSS feed forever so I have all these annoying posts show up that don’t actually lead anywhere. One suggestion I’d like to make if it’s possible is to have any posts which get deleted stop showing up in the feed, because once they’re gone, there isn’t really a point in the clogging up the feed.
Apart from that, the staff have been doing a great job of promptly getting rid of the spam posts, so I’d like to thank you all for that. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I’ll look into what we can do about that.


Thanks a lot :smiley:
Also, while you’re at it, it’d be nice if my own posts didn’t show up in my feed, so I don’t get a notification on every post I make. Anyway I’m done hijacking this thread now I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and welcome SeanMcQ to the forum!