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Hello all, I am not sure if this forum is even active any more but I thought sense this was the place where the speedrun came from it would be best to post this here. Anyways to the topic at hand.I am trying to complete a speedrun of Half life 2, chapter: Highway 17 just for the hell of it. I am basing my speedrun off the speed run of HL2 on this website but with some variations. I just have a few questions and hopfuly some1 can anwsering me.First off I am having a problem bunny hopping. I have the macro that alows me to do it but I struggle with turning. I use the mouse and the strafe keys but I cant seem to get the persision of that in the HL2 speedrun. Is there something I am not doing or is there a better way of turning while bunnyhoping?Secondly I am having trouble landing the part where the spidermine shoots you over the water inlet and on to the other part of the highway. I can get the height to get over the water and land on the other side but I always die when I do. I notice in the speedrun it looks as if he lands on the railing? But wouldnt that kill you too? I am confused here.Lastly I am having trouble with the barrel in the door at the begining of highway 17. I can put the barel in the door just like the speed run but every time I do it shoots me at a weird angle or it just doesn’t work. Is there a special way to hit the barrel? Also when I do get it right and go flying through the air I can never land it without dieing. I know your suppose to land on a sloped surface but how exactly do you hit the surface without dieing.Thanks for reading. Hope I can get some awnsers


Hey,Nice to see you into running hl2. It’s quite a fun game to play around with.To turn, Look in the direction you want to turn (90 degrees) (while holding Foward), or release forward, and hold strafe left/right and look towards the way, like in Quake.The mine is a tough jump. AFAIK, you don’t want to go too high, because you will have too much y-axis velocity when you like, and will fall to your death. So landing on the railing means you will be in the air for a less amount of time, and therefore your y-axis velocity will be less.For that last jump, I think it’s just random. Same goes with landing the jump without taking damage. I’ve done it a few times (like 2 years ago or something… AGES), and it seems pretty random.HL2 is very random compared to Quake. Still fun though.


Thanks for the response. But a about the mine jump. If you look in the video he doesn’t take 1 bit of fall damage. the little curhsing sound doesn’t even come up when he lands. Not sure how he does it


Interesting. I will have a look for myself. Maybe it has something to do with taking no fall damage, just like on the first level of coast, the stuck jump.


Thanks pincus that would be awesome if you could look into that. O by the way does any1 have any of the vids from the half life done tricked sticky? It would be really cool to see some of them.Cheers!





my guess is that he uses the slope in the rail to take no damage, just like in the beginning of the chapter.




Yeah, i’m definately down with both those things. But what I am saying is basically that I don’t recall there being a brush (or model) at an angle which is unwalkable. That’s why I was saying it’s a strange bug.Unfortunately I seem to have lost the HL2: DQ video, but I still have the tricks video.I’m 99% sure that the railing in that coast level is just a simple brush… Nothing fancy on the top, just straight.


Still having trouble landing on the rail and not dieing instantly. That is even if I can recreate the spider mine jump <_< . I will continue to work on the speed run and keep you updated as I go.Hopfuly get a beggining video of my speed run so you guys can cratique it a little :slight_smile: Until then i’ll be playing HL2


I am still haveing trouble with the spider mine jump. Does anyone have any tips or is there a specail way to do it? Right now it just happens randomly and can’t get it down to a science


Alright guys its been quite some time and I am almost done with my speedrun. What I thought would take a week is now going into a month; although i did take a week off or so.Anyway I just have a few more questions(if theres any1 left on this forum).1. I decided to “fly” over the gap I was talking about in my last post with a holdable item instead of using the spider mine jump. Its a bit slower but I just can’t replicate the spider mine jump on a regular basis for this run. I just have a quick question. In the HL2 Speed run vid they seem to “fly” items with no trouble at all. Sometime when I try to fly items they split out from under me and I go falling to my death. It looks like im doing it right by just looking down and holding the “jump” button but it happens every now and then. Any1 know why?2. As I was watching the HL2 Speed run vid I noticed something. It seems as if the person speed running it is using duck jump instead of just jumping. Is this true? If so I tried to edit my macro code to replicate it but it just doesn’t work. Does any1 know the exact code that the HL2 Speed Run team used?Thanks a bunch guys!


I find it hard to consider anything to do with the “Havok” (need I say more?) physics engine to be exact science. It’s very random imo.To not drop, you need to every now and again look “up” a bit, opposed to always right down.You get a speed boost when you jump and hold foward. Crouching isn’t held, it just looks like it (crappy demo decoding/smoothing).*LAlt::Loop{GetKeyState, state, LAlt, Pif State = Ubreak; Otherwise:Send, {Space}Sleep, 1}returnwith AHK version 1 0 24 0. It doesn’t work with newer versions. If you don’t have this version, I will upload the version I have for you.


Thx Pincus. You have been a great help assissting me through this speed run. Good news though. I am completly done with getting my run down. I just have to film it and then edit it a bit(take out loading screens).Oh and does anyone know a good place to upload the video? I was gunna youtube it but I was hoping fo something with a little better quality.Thx again!


You can upload the whole video file, as-is onto www.filefront.com, completely free.


I use Vimeo for higher quality videos. Its really great looking, and provides a direct download to the video you uploaded. Here is my Vimeo account which has Portal videos if you are interested.http://vimeo.com/transgenic

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