After so many runners having no curiosity to know who I am, you can call me MD =)

My history with runs? Well, I always enjoyed watching them and HL2 is by far one of my favorite games. I have even a youtube channel dedicated to Half Life (mostly about the story & curiosities. it’s in portuguese, so I presume none of you would be able to understand. I can give the link if you want to, though!)

After DWaHMoV I decided to start testing some tricks just for fun, to see how many of them I could master. I don’t have any complete run for the moment, but i’ve been practicing a no script run for HL2 (latest engine).

I don’t master all the bugs and glitches yet, and probably runners like Gocnak, Matmo, .exe, Darwin, etc are a LOT better than I am in any trick (don’t be sad if your name is not here, I love all of you equally ;D), but I think I can handle some segments and with some pratice I can be quite a good runner :slight_smile:

So, that’s it! If you want more information about me, just ask! Don’t be shy. Haha


Hey now, I’ll be able to understand the Portuguese! Finally, some use for my Brazil time :D. Are you Brazilian, Portuguese, or other?

Much welcomes! If you want to join in with chat, our skype chat is the active one, so PM one of us your Skype name and we’ll add you in :slight_smile:


Great post! Would be cool to know Portuguese and watch your stuff, extremely big Half-Life fan myself (well from the second one and up really). But ah well…!

Welcome to the forums!

He’s actually already in the chat. I suggested he posted in this thread cause he kinda “popped up” out of nowhere.


Thank you very much! Wow, that was unexpected! Haha. Yeah, I’m brazilian! I’m actually living in France right now, but that’s just for a couple of years (one more to go, to be more precise).

In this case, the link to my channel is the following: http://www.youtube.com/mdgameplays

Hope you like it!

As Darwin said, I’m already in the chat! I talked with Gocnak through Steam and he added me.

And for you, Darwin, I’m thinking about making english subtitles for my main videos in the future. I’ll let you know if I do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcomes!