Hi there! I'm ThatAwkwardGamer!


Hello, my name is Carson Saunders, AKA ThatAwkwardGamer. I am a novice speedrunner for many different games. I am a 15 year old male, and live in the Western United States. I love learning, pushing myself to be the best I can, and just having fun. Although I have a high-pitched voice, I am relatively mature and try to help others out as often as I can. I hope you enjoy my introduction!

Personal Life
I was born in Arizona in 2000. Throughout my life, I have moved to seven different places, including Mexico City. It has become increasingly difficult to make new friends in every new place, due to lack of time to build major friendships. I have always felt like I am anti-social, and a nerd, but have tried working past that. I will probably add more to this section as I feel comfortable.

GamingI have been gaming for as long as I can remember. I remember playing games like
Super Monkey Ball and James Bond Everything or Nothing every day before I went to afternoon kindergarten. The first game I downloaded on Steam was NASA’s Moonbase Alpha, and I was freaking out about what the heck Steam was. It was not long before I got some free games from friends, and eventually bought games like Garry’s Mod. I was also huge in Minecraft for a couple years, and was even a Moderator on the World’s Largest Minecraft server.
I got into HL2RP on Gmod, and wanted to get more into the server. However, as I got further from the spawn, the textures became broken (the purple and black checkered thingy), and soon discovered that it was because I didn’t have Half-Life 2 source. Therefore, I bought the Orange Box when it came on sale, played through Half-Life 2, and have been in love with everything about it ever since.
I love gaming!

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Hey, glad to have you on board!

You mentioned running a couple games, but you never said which ones they were. Wanna let us know?


Welcome to the forums, Carson!

2000? Holy crap, seems like I’m still the youngest here


I’m probably the youngest one here. December 2001.

Also, welcome to the forums and the community, ThatAwkwardGamer!


Hi, welcome to the forums!


Hi there, Welcome to the forums.


Am I the oldest?


May 1992
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I mainly got into speedrunning games like The Legend of Zelda series and Mario games. I did that for a year or two, and then started speedrunning source games. I have done Half-Life 2 (and some of Ep1 & Ep2). I also have done a bit of Portal stuff. I really love the source games though, they are amazingly fun. I just wanted to introduce myself so I could get speedrunning as quickly as possible.


January 1989

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wait what I thought you were younger than me


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