Hi, I'm Moo


I’m yet another Source runner; only HL2 at the moment but I suppose I can try the episodes or something like that later on when HL2 gets boring, I got introduced to Sourcerun’s through Centaur1um’s videos on YouTube but I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Then Turreau’s Canals video came out along with DWaHMoV and they both got me into Source running (along with other games), which led me to SRL and then eventually full circle back to here where I learned most of the route.

As of making this post my PB is 2hr 30min 58sec in realtime, I stream occasionally (but I don’t use a mic) on Twitch, I hope that I can stick around in here and contribute a little to the Sourceruns community.


Nice to meet you! Welcome to Sourceruns!


Welcome to the forums! We’re glad to have you onboard. :slight_smile: