Hi, I'm JamieOnUbuntu


Hey SourceRuns!

I’ve been speedrunning Half-Life 2 for almost a year now and have finally gotten an account on SourceRuns after the registration has been disabled for a while. I’m a regular viewer of Noircat, Gocnak and Woobly’s streams and follow all of the runners on YouTube, etc.

Some of my runs are on my YouTube and I often stream my runs for an easy way to record them for the speedrun.com leaderboards. My own speedrun times are available on my website at jamieweb.net/runtimes.

I’m a Linux user so I do not have access to LiveSplit, SourceSplit or Ghosting Mod, so I unfortunately have to time all of my runs with the loading screen times included. I am working on a basic Python script to time loadless runs on Linux. I’m not a skilled programmer so I’m not sure how well it will work as of yet, but I’m sure a more experienced programmer would be able to use my ideas to make a great program.

I’m looking forward to joining the community! Thanks all!


Welcome m8! Let’s see how u can transform Half Life 2 in a cross-platform speedrunable game! Looking foward to it.


I remember you, I’m the guy who beat your ABH map time on r/speedrun :smiley:
Welcome to the community!


Hey GodFather, thanks for the welcome.

Hi BitRain, thanks for the welcome! But I beat you again https://youtu.be/0WzhUBQ05a4 (not by much)! Then Rama thrashed us all https://youtu.be/YAvAwUJ0dTs!


You’re welcome.




Hi YaLTeR, thanks for the welcome!

Any ideas how to get BunnymodPro working on Linux? I’m scared away from BunnyModXT by the VAC ban warning…


BXT won’t get you VAC banned without playing on an online server. If you’re still worried, you can just use a non-steam client (NGHL).


Ah right. I always thought that VAC worked by looking at code signatures in your game, not at when you join servers.

I would use NGHL but I’m on Linux.
Edit: I’ll try NGHL in WINE.
Edit 2: NGHL ran in WINE first time, no problems!


VAC isn’t a concern as long as you’re in singleplayer. I’m not VAC banned yet at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just dualboot Windows man, will save you from lots of other problems that might arise!


Welcome to the forums!