hi i'm exe, lol

yo peepz im exe aka the best runner i also like to whine about stuff and be a little bitch from time to time.

Since this board has just been created, I’ll try to be an example for the other people that might want to introduce theirselves.

So yeah, I’m execut4ble (aka eXeC), I always loved speedruns, but I didn’t start speedrunning seriously until 2010. I can speedrun both Goldsrc and Source games really well, I’ve also been playing HLDM and AG since 2009 (multiplayer experience has also helped me learn running goldsrc).
My first serious run was Mission Improbable mod, which I ran together with igge (and later with YaLTeR). After that I contributed in a few more runs, including DWaHMoV (major contributions to routing, and a few segments).

On mid-2012 I started a Half-Life 2 Single-Segment project. I decided to use Old-Engine and I found a lot of usable routes and a few tricks for the run, but then I saw S. getting interested in doing a SS run as well (using my routes), and since I didn’t have much time for attempts, I never finished the project. I guess S. also inspired other people to do Half-Life 2 races and SS runs. Congrats to Gocnak for getting a sub 2hrs run! :slight_smile:

I got into SourceRuns in late-2010. I’m responsible for the SourceRuns Wiki and I already wrote like 100 articles for it, lol.


I second that, welcome to the forums (again).


I think it’s time to change your QR code.