Hi I am Maxam

Hi, I’m Maxam. I’ve put many hours in playing Counter-Strike 1.6 Hide and Seek and Team Fortress Classic conc/quad jumping, which have given me lots experience in GoldSrc movement. I’ve been interested in speedrunning for a long time and now, since about a week ago, I’ve begun doing speedruns of my own. It was natural for me to begin running Half-Life and what finally got me to do it was seeing the video of coolkid running Half-Life on AGDQ 2014. I’m running single segment, scriptless, hard difficulty on the Steam version. Glad to be here.

Welcome! When you say Steam version, do you mean with uncapped bunny hopping or are you really good at duckrolling?

Thanks! I mean capped and I’m kinda used to duckrolling etc (been doing it for ages). Although, I’m not very used to the speed cap so I need to get a better feel on when I reach that velocity.

Well, duckrolling isn’t affected by the cap, which is why I mentioned it.

and the rest is history

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