Hi everybody!


Hi! I’m JetpackAwaay, or Jetpack, or just Jet. I’ve been a fan of speedrunning for a couple of years, just recently decided to give it a go myself. Decided Portal no OoB would be good for me because Portal is a shorter game, it’s linear, and has documented strats - so easier to learn.

My hand-eye co-ordination is terrible, and I’m only practicing maybe 4-5 hours a week, so I’m not going to get good anytime soon. You top runners don’t need to be scared of any competition… I’m more going to be a casual speedrunner, if that’s not too much of an oxymoron.

Thanks for having me!


Welcome! :slight_smile: Rome wasn’t built in a day, keep practicing.


Theres no fear of ones runs getting beaten. The whole goal is to get the best possible time. who gets it doesnt really matter. (unless you’re like me and depend on it to get viewers on twitch lol).

I know its totally self advertising but i recommend trying hl2 done portal. (its page is in the portal section.) and if not trying it, just watching the first video tutorial. itll help you in portal a lot i promise.

all in all, you do what you enjoy, and dont let anyone else tell you not to.

Take care.