Hi :D


Hello:D My name is Gabriel and my nickname is PAt, I’m from Argentina, so, I dont talk so much inglish :stuck_out_tongue: I love Half life, I love speedruns and I like play tf2 all time (i’m main pyro:D)



ibienvenidos a nuestro foro!

Tu inglés suena muy bien a mi; probablemente mucho mejor que mi español… Either way, welcome to the forums. Hope you will enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:


Hola Gabo. Es bueno ver otro latino por estos lados :slight_smile:

Your spanish is okay igge, just a few typos, first it would be “Bienvenido”, in singular form since it’s only one person, secondly it would be “para mi”. word by word that means “for me” but I dunno why languages are like that anyway.