Hi and immediatly a problem with hl1


So I’m new to here and speedruns in general.
Acctually the problem is that hl1 says i don’t have mss32.dll and i can’t run it but when i click it a bunch of times it lets me play until first loading zone.I do have a bundle of goldsource games so i used them with goldsrc package.
so can anyone hook me up with mss32.dll?


Just verify integrity of game files on steam. Steam Game > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.


First dont try to copy anything from the half life steam game into the goldsrc package and dont do the same with goldsrc package but your config, maps, models are exception. Secondly,since you dont tell us where the trouble comes from so try to verify your game through the steam if you get trouble from half life steam, reinstall goldsrc package if you get trouble from it