Hi I know some of you from twitch already
I like video games and
Ok see you around

Also shoutouts to Cameron:D for creating my account and fixing broken things, thanks mate


Hello m80!


implying the entire community hate memes
implying OP isn’t included in the community


There’s a rules page? I didn’t even know; I just assumed that common sense and not being deliberately stupid was fine - which I guess it is…

Where are the rules anyway?

Also welcome to the forums Enjoi! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it was in the registration agreement, but I just realized that’s kiiinda been down for a while. I posted them in the news just now.


Well, okay, just read through them, that seems fair, just common sense really. :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose no memes is fair enough anyway; if people could make the occasional funny reference it wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s too easy for people to be obnoxious and just spam stuff. I didn’t know there was an official rule against it though, so that’s good to keep in mind. Thanks for posting that :slight_smile:


It’s mainly because the concept of memes (which boils down to repetition) do not age well; if someone were to go through these posts 5 years from now, they’d see the meme and probably roll their eyes. It also doesn’t reflect too well, as memes are kind of stupid.



Oh boy what have I started… To clarify, I’m not actually a fan of memes in the traditional sense, but more in the sense of, well… basically take a look at lo1ts’ twitter, or Yeti’s twitch chat or whatever. Group shitposting is fun, although I understand that a forum is generally not the place for it.

I’m generally well behaved on forums, though. A few years ago there was a forum that was pretty much the only site I visited regularly, and ever since I left I’ve missed the forum environment… Hoping this place can fill that void.


Welcome to the forums enjoi! Glad to have you on board!


Hey D4rw1n, long time no speak. I feel like you haven’t streamed in years man where have you been?


Well, first of all my network here has just completely died. It’s awful compared to how good it used to be, it’s a 4G connection so I guess maybe more people have started leaching off the signals in the area or something. I used to be able to stream in like 50 fps 720 HD but now I can barely get 25 fps with a shit bitrate working…

And second of all I’m a lazy bastard I guess. I’ll make sure to better myself!