Hey There Guys, How's it Going?


Hey guys, my name is Harrison, I run under the alias of PhyDex, I’ve been learning the Half-Life 2 route for the past couple of weeks, I used to play it a lot on console and used to try and complete it as fast as possible, which has in essence led me here. Since finding out about speedrunning, I have become very interested in learning a faster route for Half-Life 2 and try and lay down a solid time. I’ll be glad of any help you guys can give me, as I am fairly new to competitive speedrunning and this is my first proper game that I have picked up.

So anyway, enough about that, I’d just like to say hi to all of you and I hope to become a good part of the community, contributing in any way that I can. Thanks a lot for reading, hope I didn’t bore you guys off too much!

-Harrison (PhyDex)


Hey there, welcome to the forums PhyDex! If you do ever need any help just getting started, I’m definitely more than willing to lend a hand :smiley:


Hello and welcome! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I appreciate it Centaur1um, I’ll make sure to ask if I need to know anything, thanks!


Nice to meet you!