Hey ! Need help !

Heya guys ! Wow, havnt checked these forums in a loooooong time !! Anyway, I need help, I have been beta testing for this new HL2 mod called Fortress Forever, its based on TFC, but on the source engine, its awesome, you guys should check it out. Anyway, we have a problem with demo playback because when we start going faster than normal running speed, by bhopping, or conc jumping or something, the demo playback goes really jerky.I was just wondering if any of you could remember how we partially fixed this problem in the HL2DQ speedrun. thanks.Also, I too was thinking of speedrunning Portal B)

Heycl_interp 0.015?Does that TF mod have propper air control/sv_airacceleration, and “frictionless” bhop?

I was also figuring out how to smooth demos, and just found a solusion to it :slight_smile: It looks like they obsoleted cl_interp and added a new cvar called “cl_interp_ratio”. Its default value is 2, so try to lower it and it should smooth out the demo.I am really looking forward to FF since I’m also a huge fan of TFC. Hope the dev team does well and beat the hell out of TF2 :PPincus:Have a look at this trailer they released two month ago. It looks pretty fast :slight_smile:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhdVIlrZZAs

Holy shit! DOUBLE JUMP! :DIt looks great. I’m not a fan of team games like this (I prefer duel games, cpm and qw). This looks like great fun!

Yeah it should hopefully be pretty fast paced. FF is more than 90% complete. The game great fun, and we are just finishing bug squishing, then game / server optimising.I just checked, and there isnt a command I can use in FF called cl_interp_ratio :huh:

Did you try what I said?Also, how do you compare the double jump with CPM or Warsow?

It didn’t fix the problem with portal anyway, when you take portal, demo look like slide -_-I did this demo