hey my dudes!


hi, I’m Fubar ^^

started as a casual portal runner. I’m also a map maker for source (Valve has added one of my maps to tf2 which is neato). So yeah, I’m really knowledgeable about source but not in a running savvy kind of way. hopefully I can bring something to the community and learn new things along the way.

I’ve joined mostly to work on my Zeno Clash run, which is still in its early stages. Made a topic about it in the sub forums, drop by if you’re interested https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=3054


Welcome to SourceRuns. There’s certainly a lot to learn about the Source engine when it comes to speedrunning and glitches that you wouldn’t know from mapping.


Welcome! If you wana interact with us even more I recommend joining our discord here: https://discord.gg/sourceruns :slight_smile: . Have a nice day!


Which map did you make in TF2?


After stalking him on the internet, I found that he made cp_vanguard with two other people.