Hey it's Epi!


Just givin a shout out to the community here! I hadn’t realized there was a whole community dedicated to the art of speed running but it’s always fascinated me. So I came on down to figure out how to setup and get practicing on learning some of those mad skills!

A short bit about me:
I’m a avid Valve fan and am becoming a game environment modeler for my chosen career. Otherwise I’ve done a lot of modding starting with Star Wars Battlefront, Half-Life 2, Double Action: Boogaloo and my current projects have been ongoing in idtech 4 on The Dark Mod.

Maybe one day I shall work for the Great Lord Gaben himself, but till then I’m just working lousy local jobs to survive while I improve my art.

Enviro Art Images below…
[spoiler]The Dark Mod (id tech 4)

Double Action: Boogaloo (source mod)


Thought speed runs would be a fun hobby to pickup, so here I am.


Welcome! Those models look impressing ;D


oooo, another id tech modding bro? I never touched 4, but I spent a good 8 years of my life dabbing in id tech 3 (2006-2014)


Thankyou! The goal is to hopefully be making a living off of this kind of work within the next two to three years.

Awesome! Mainly mapping with brushes in Radiant or modeling too? You guys with id3 also have lightmapped level geometry if I recall as well right? Big downside to id4 (as it was made for DooM3) is no lightmaps for as much depth. Otherwise dynamic lights are the grand cheese with 4. And to be fair some bits of the rendering still hold a candle to some of the modern techniques.


I mainly just messed around with CoD/GTK Radiant, and various modding or scripting (ew id3 scripting). I couldn’t really stand milkshape, so I said no to modeling. I don’t really have any of my Q3 maps/screenshots anymore, but here’s some of my stuff in CoD4 from like 2011: (images are too big to embed)

http://media.moddb.com/images/members/1/326/325465/shot0095.jpg (2009)