Hey in here


Also the old hl2dq site use to be hosted by coolraul i belive it went down i think i can still get the old demos and such i think its still got a tgf file aka all the site backed up into 1 big rar . U got aim if so get back 2 me.

  1. u got da uber english2. search the forum, there’re many threads around. If you could find out the phase 1 times that would be neat, I think that bandit or someone however uploaded maximus’ copy of the demos…


AIM name is a115331n63436, but we already have all the old demos. I had them all on my hard drive and sent it out to a couple of other members on this site, I believe they’re currently being hosted on b5k’s webspace.And unless I’m mistaken, wampa was a member of the old boards, so welcome back :slight_smile:


Tru just waiting for my turn 2 come up aka my 4 maps at end that i own at. Lol glad 2 be back what happan 2lighting and all them?


QUOTE (Wampa @ Sep 18 2005, 08:56 PM)Tru just waiting for my turn 2 come up aka my 4 maps at end that i own at. Lol glad 2 be back what happan 2lighting and all them? Welcome back Wampa! How come you returned to the HL2DQ?LightningX is a member here, but he isn’t a very active poster. Many of the “original” members probably lost interest or didn’t check IRC after HL2DQ.tk went down…not that many know of this site. Then there is the mystery of Lonerville, because he just disappeared even before hl2dq.tk went down. The strange part is that he was a good runner (infamous for his excellent flying technique) and he was a very active member, but still he just disappeared!We got some new/good runners though, so it’s all good!Welcome back once again!


He’s back because a Guest from www.rage-board.com linked us to their site and mentioned that that’s where Tamale and a number of other old hl2dq members were hanging nowadays, so I made a thread there to let em know we’re still alive.


this sounds like good news.Maby the “oldies” can come and post some.


i think i can be back this month if things go right as i finally managed to buy new hardware. my skill for running is maybe a bit rusty and i have no knowledge about flying but i’m sure it would be better if there are more runners up here :)oh, and wampa i can’t wait to see you owning those maps lol.it’s good to know old members are still there. now, where are other faces like chomp and frag? :unsure:


Everyone is coming back! It’s just like the good ol’ days!


word everyone :)keep on runnin’


ITS ALIIIIVE!!!This forum really woke up some.too bad we are making so slow progress. :PMaby I get around making that trailer some day to attract more runners.


Yay! let’s hope they don’t only come back to the forum but continue running :)That’d be neat!


ok, my new machine is up so i’m officially back :)can someone host phase 1 final demos and phase 2 demos other than coast ones?


http://files.filefront.com/HL2_Collectionr…;/fileinfo.htmlAll the phase 2 demos (except coast_12), and the phase 1 demos we haven’t done yet.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/801201656/p2_…aximusx_25s.rarPossible replacement for trainstation_02.


thanks :slight_smile:

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