Hey! I'm temesii!


I’m new speed runner and I really like Goldsrc games and little bit quake series.
HL21 motivated me to start this and many people have been helping me with basics.

So, do I have future plans?
Yes, I’m going to do segmented run about Half life mod called Residual point.
Really don’t know what else to put here.
Tell me your experience about Residual point/Residual life if you have tried them!



Hello and welcome! The Residual Life run is close to being done and the only reason of it not being done is me being lazy and exec moving to csgo.


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Welcome here m80!


Oh! What a warm and nice welcome!


Speaking of which, welcome.
I’m always the last to welcome people for some reason.


Mike is the doorman, but he’s not always on time.


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It’s okay mike.

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