Hey hey hey.


Hello, I’m Ryosukeh and i’ve just recently joined this wonderful community.
How i got intrested in speedruns ? well fun fact. The first speedrun i have ever seen was 4 days ago ( When i just randomly typed in youtube search " Half life 1 " and it was HL1 Speedrun by Coolkid at AGDQ 2014.
I Though daaaaamn, This guy is awesome. Told my friend about it, he was surprised that i have never heard about speedrunning so he showed me more clips. And 4 days later, I’m creating account in Sourceruns.org
And now i’m motivated to try my own speed run attempt in HL1
So yeah thats my story :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone and have a nice day/evening :slight_smile:




Welcome! :slight_smile: Check this out: https://youtu.be/9vPPVfpaIWA


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: That will be useful :slight_smile:


Welcome Ryosukeh,

I recently made a tutorial for the easy difficulty if you are interested;

Best of luck.